Hey there, stalker. So who am I?

I’m a software developer, photographer, yogi, world-traveler and and avid outdoor sports enthusiast living in the Great Atlantic Northeast. 

Senior Software Developer at Liberty Mutual - working with an experimental agile team tasked with devising forward-thinking, original solutions to our business challenges. I dabble with various coding projects on the side as well, you can check out the projects section of my site to learn about my current work. 

I've been practicing yoga for about 3 years and it is the cornerstone of my lifestyle at this point. Namaste. 

I’m here to connect with likeminded people, clients interested in my work, and anyone interested in collaborating with me. Here to share my travel and outdoor adventures, talk about various software development topics, and share my photo work.

I believe in kindness and positivity and I aspire to live to inspire others. 

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.
— Plato