Autumn in the Northwest

Fall is awesome. Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Pacific Northwest in autumn is awesomely beautiful. Epic. 

Each place has a vibe, and I have always been drawn to the Pacific Northwest for its natural beauty. A few times a year I travel out to Seattle and enjoy hiking or skiing in the Coast and Cascade ranges of Washington and British Columbia. This autumn, I've came back for a few days to shoot some awesome fall scenery in Washington. 

This is my first trip to Washington in the fall without cold, rainy weather, and it was truly amazing. I've driven up to Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park and went on a short hike through the alpine tundra, backpacked in the northwestern part of the park through Spray Park and Cataract Valley, and wrapped up with a few short hikes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in central Cascades. 

Evergreens contrasting with the fall foliage at Mount Rainier National Park