Design Spotlight: Grand Canyon Wine Company

Packaging matters. I'm a strong believer of that. Generally, no matter how good the actual product is, it won't be a prodigy unless it's packaged well. That holds true for beverages as much as it does with electronics, clothing and resort websites. 

A few weeks back, my girlfriend and I were traveling through Arizona, and we popped into a roadside gas station to fill up. We didn't have any intent of buying anything other than gas there, let alone buying wine. But as soon as we noticed this really cool bottle amongst the selection of beverages, both of us got the instant urge to bring some of that red wine home. 

Arizona isn't known for fine wines, and I certainly didn't know that Arizona even had any wine production (it's the desert after all). The folks at Grand Canyon Wine Company have nailed it. They knew exactly what it takes to draw attention from weary tourists. Awesome, unique, creative packaging. 

The Front

Simple. Contrasting. Permanent. 

Instead of going with the traditional paper label, the folks at GCWC went with direct-to-glass printing. This allows the naturally dark background of the bottle to serve as a contrasting medium for the simple white print. The selling point for me personally was also the fact that the bottle can serve as a souvenir or a vase due to the permanent design. 


The Back

Featuring scribble-esque print, reminiscent of chalk on whiteboard, the back provides consumers with creatively worded and designed explanation of why they should buy some of that Arizona wine. 

Most people might wonder - "is Arizona wine any good", and the back of the bottle attempts to answer that question. 

The back features a couple of very clever designs I'm particularly fond of.

  • AmAZing wine features the little outline of Arizona around the AZ in Amazing. 
  • "Let that inner rebel shine" wording is also rather clever. Arizona is not known for its wine, and GCWC is trying to change all that.

While writing this spotlight, I visited Grand Canyon Wine Co's website, only to find out that design craftsmanship runs deep with that company. The website is beautifully responsive and their line up is just as creative as this bottle of wine. I mean, how many wineries offer wine in a can? 

Check them out at