DIY: Wine Cork Coasters

Are you a big wine person and don't know how to find better use for your corks other than trash? Why not make some coasters? They are easy to make, and make an excellent addition to your dinner set or a great gift. 

Wine Cork Coasters - Final Product


  • 8 corks (makes 1 coaster)
  • jute twine or any kind of yarn
  • cork paper
  • glue gun with clear glue sticks

Project time: ~15 minutes per coaster

Wine Cork Coaster Supplies


  1. Decide on the pattern for your coasters. You can use the pattern similar to the one in the image above, or come up with your own. Your goal is to end up with a square layout. 
  2. Start by gluing corks in pairs. 
  3. Once you have 4 pairs of coasters glued together, arrange them in your final pattern on a piece of cork paper and trace the outline. Correct the lines with a ruler and cut the piece out. 
  4. Apply all 4 pairs one by one onto the piece of cork paper. Start by applying glue to one corner of the cork paper cutout, applying a pair of corks and pressing down firmly for 30 seconds. Repeat for the remaining 3 pairs. 
  5. Once all 4 pairs of corks are applied, apply additional glue between the 4 pairs, in a + pattern. Apply pressure down and towards the center for 30 seconds. 
  6. Allow the glue to dry for a couple of minutes. 
  7. Apply glue around the coaster, just between the corks and the cork paper and wrap yarn 3-4 times around, securing both ends with some glue. 
  8. For best results, once done, place a flat, heavy object over the coaster for 30 minutes.