Going Deep on the Final Frontier: Alaska Itinerary

So I’m going to Alaska in July with my girlfriend and a couple of friends. This is a trip I’ve wanted to take for many years. After all, Alaska is that special, magical place everyone talks about, kind of like Iceland. 

We’ll be gone for 10 days from July 3rd to July 13th. In the week and a half that we are there, we will be going to four key areas of the state: Anchorage (think cool galleries and shops), Kenai Fjords National Park (think whales and glaciers), Denali National Park (think sweeping views of tundra and Mt. McKinley), and Katmai National Park (think bears, lots of bears). 

I will definitely be posting a detailed post upon my return to the east coast, but for now, here’s a preview of things we’ll be seeing and doing while the rest of you are watching fireworks and eating barbecue. 

Adventure Itinerary

July 3rd

  • Flying to Anchorage by the way of Dallas. Long trip. 

July 4th

  • Celebrating Independence Day in Anchorage and heading down to Kenai Fjords Nat’l Park for a short glacier hike. 

July 5th

  • Kenai Fjords cruise and sunset kayaking.

July 6th

  • Visiting the Husky Homestead, home to the Iditarod sled huskies, then settling in at our campsite in Denali.


  • Going deep in Denali. Meaning some awesome hikes in the tundra. Maybe getting eaten by a bear. I hope it’s the former though.

July 8th

  • Going deeper into Denali. Who knows what we’ll be hiking, but it’s sure to be full of wild scenery. 

July 9th

  • Flying to Katmai National Park. The only way to get there is via a short jet ride to this remote area of Alaska, and then an air taxi to Brooks Camp, located on a lake, deep within the park. Fact: people visiting Katmai are more than likely to encounter a grizzly within just three hours of landing. 

July 10th

  • Catching a bus to a volcanic valley called “Valley of 10,000 smokes” then backpacking and camping there for the night. 

July 11th

  • Bus back to Brooks Camp and exploring the area around Brooks Lake, then bear watching on the platforms in the evening. 

July 12th

  • Short hike in AM, flying back to Anchorage in the afternoon. Then grabbing dinner in Anchorage before finally catching a flight to LAX.

July 13th

  • Long layover in LAX. Grabbing lunch somewhere in the city, then back to the airport for a final leg of the trip back to Boston.