Lake Sebago Kayaking

This summer is definitely turning into a “Maine Road Trip Series” kind of summer as Larisa and I keep coming up to the pine tree state almost every other week. There’s no denying that Maine’s “worth a visit, worth a lifetime”, so this past weekend, we decided to come up and visit once again. On the agenda - staying at Lake Sebago State Park and kayaking on the lake. 

We headed up to Maine right after work on Friday. It’s a short drive from Portsmouth so we were there and setting up the tent by 8 PM. The campground was virtually empty, most schools in the area don’t get out until late June, so this was the last opportunity for a quiet and peaceful camping experience.  

Sebago Lake State Park is tucked away on the northern shore of the lake in an old-growth pine grove. The views are wild and beautiful. Our site was one the very edge of the campground, with plenty of room to relax and stunning views of the lake right from the tent. There probably isn't a better place for some early morning yoga than the little meadow just near our site. 

Lake Sebago Kayaking

It was definitely a relaxing weekend. No running around, no driving, no hiking, just relaxing at the campsite, reading a book, making s’mores, sleeping in and waking up to the view of the lake right from the tent door. But it was still an active weekend. Saturday we kayaked east along the shore and explored the Songo River, full of geese families and water flowers. Sunday we kayaked west along the lake shore and explored some of the inlets and islands there. On one of the islands, we actually got to see a bald eagle and a giant nest on an old pine tree. 

Sebago Lake Kayaking Anton Splashing
Lake Sebago Anton Kayaking

So what’s so special about Lake Sebago? Well, aside from the extremely scenic beach, crystal clear water, and numerous pine-covered islands, at 316 feet (96 m) deep, Lake Sebago is the deepest and second largest lake in Maine. Sebago is also angler’s paradise with high populations of landlocked salmon, trout and smelt. I’ve never caught anything, so I think I’ve given up on that. 

Highly recommend Lake Sebago for those of you looking for a quiet, scenic weekend getaway.  

My Mazda 3 at Lake Sebago State Park