DIY: Crate Coffee Table

Larisa needed a coffee table for her apartment and I decided to take on the challenge and craft one myself. I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest a few times and thought it was a very clever way to make a coffee table that is not only easy, but looks very modern and clean. 

DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table
DIY Crate Coffee Table


  • wood crates (4 x $11)
  • rectangular poplar wood post ($10) - to make 4 legs
  • poplar board ($4) - center shelf
  • Small corner brackets - 4 pc ($3) - center shelf support
  • .75 inch wood screws ($3) - main assembly
  • dual-ended screws (4 x $0.5) - to attach legs
  • felt furniture pads ($2)
  • Minwax PolyShades - Oil-Based Stain & Polyurethane Finish ($12)

Project Time: 3 hours (without stain drying time)

Cost: $80


  1. If the crates have any rough spots, sand lightly to remove imperfections with a 60-80 grit sand paper. 
  2. Clean with a moist towel to remove any dust. 
  3. Once crates are dry, apply a thin coat of stain on each crate and leave to dry overnight. 
  4. Layout the crates in a design you prefer, find 4-6 places on each crate where the screws should go to attach it to the adjacent tray. Drill small holes where screws will be located. 
  5. Screw the trays together with .75 inch screws. Do not use 1 inch screws as they will go through the adjacent tray wall. 
  6. Once assembly is complete, apply the second coat of stain and allow to dry overnight. 
  7. Cut 4 legs from the material of your choice. I used a rectangular poplar piece of composite wood and cut the legs into 7 cm pieces. Grind and/or sand the legs to a smooth finish. 
  8. Measure the exact size of the center piece opening and cut out a piece of wood to match that size for the center shelf, if you're adding one. Grind and/or sand the center shelf to a smooth finish.
  9. Stain the legs and the center shelf and let dry until dry. 
  10. Install the 4 corner brackets inside the center opening at the desired elevation on the table. This is where your center shelf will rest. 
  11. Attach the center shelf to the corner brackets. Alternatively, you can just let it rest on the brackets. 
  12. Drill holes of a smaller diameter than your dual-sided screws at each bottom corner of your table and insert the dual-sided screws half way into each hole. 
  13. Drill holes in the leg pieces where the other end of the dual-sided screw will enter. 
  14. Attach the legs. 
  15. Apply felt pads on the bottom of the table legs for hardwood floor protection.