DIY: Wind Chime Made From Old Ski Pole

Distracted in awe of Whistler's beautiful scenery, I suddenly realized that I only had one pole as I was about to get off Crystal Chair. Most of the lift line goes over rugged, wooded terrain, so my chances of finding the ski pole I somehow dropped were slim. Nevertheless, I spent about an hour trying to locate my pole, but eventually just ended up buying new poles. 

That's how I ended up with a single pole, with no use to it. 

Rather than throwing it out, I decided to upcycle it and make a wind chime. 

Ski Pole Wind Chime
Ski Pole Wind Chime
Ski Pole Wind Chime

I wanted this wind chime to be a perfect, well-designed, well-built creation. After countless drawings and designs I came up with the final design shown above. 

Instead of a typical round design, linear layout best showcases the beautiful machined aluminium while still delivering quality chimes. 

The top bar is hand carved from poplar wood, and the round shape harmonizes naturally with the aluminium ski tubes. 

While most of the tubes are machined to a perfect finish, the middle tube has a small dent that was in the ski pole from skiing that I left a little bit of paint on as a tribute to this tube's original use. 

Every part of this design was thought through to the smallest of the details. The holes drilled for the nylon string have chamfered edges to prevent the string from getting frayed and also allow rain water to drop off without penetrating the wood causing decay. 

And here's throwback to what the pole, in use from 2007 to 2013 used to look like. 

Anton at Breckenridge
Anton at Vail