It's almost 2018. Three simple principles for a year of fulfillment.

We're constantly bombarded with ideas on how to live a better life. 

"Guide to financial success"

"10 things you need to avoid in your 20's"

"Top 3 billionaire habits"

Do these sound like familiar posts you stumble upon every couple weeks? Do you often get conflicting advice on finances, relationships, fitness and personal happiness from your friends, family and co-workers?

Here are just a couple of guidelines that could help you gain peace of mind in 2018.

Be okay with how things are.


noun. a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems.

Worry doesn't help us re-gain financial freedom, land a hot job, repair a relationship, or feel healthier. On the contrary, the more we worry, the more negativity we invite into our life. Progress starts once we accept the way things are and work to improve a situation we deem less than desirable. 

We often find ourselves obsessively worrying about failure. Failure is okay. We're human. Success is allowing ourselves to fail, being okay with it, and moving on with lessons learned. The more we expose ourselves to discomfort and failure, the better humans we become. 

Stop buying stuff. 

Be mindful about your spending. Question every dollar spent - could you find alternatives? Is the purchase essential to your wellbeing and happiness? Reduce and simplify what you buy and how you buy it. But be realistic - you still need that toilet paper. 


In a world of constant distraction, it can be easy to develop a short attention span and become a notice of many things and a master of none. It's okay to want to see all of your friends every month, go to the gym every day, visit your family weekly, be part of a band, and whatever the other 50 things might be. 

Contrary to how the modern world often works, humans are happiest when we focus on a couple things we are truly passionate about. Focus and invest time in activities that make you the happiest, and you will become better at those things and will receive infinitely more value from those activities. 

Happy 2018!