A Wintry Day at Conomo

I've been coming to this magical place for almost 3 years. The Cape Anne area is probably the most beautiful spot on the New England coast. Few places offer such sweeping views of the water, marshes, islands covered with trees and hills, historical New England cottages, antique shops, and a plethora of local seafood options. 

Like many seaside towns, Conomo Point in Essex is a summer-only residence. In the summer, the area is bustling with people - kids playing in the water, kayakers struggling to fight the current on the Essex River, and boats zipping right and left through the narrows. 

And summer is exactly the reason why so many people keep coming back, year after year. But winter - cold, quiet, serene, mysterious - holds its own beauty. 

Clammer scavenging for a catch on a late afternoon in March.

Sunday afternoon clamming on the Essex River mudflats.

Low tide on the mudflats.

Ice deposits on seaside rocks, overlooking Robbins Island. 

The Narrows at Sunset. 

Winter buoys on the mudflats. 

Fishing boats on the Essex River are the only lonely boats in the harbor.