Want a more productive day? Wake up before 5 AM.

You go to bed at 1 AM, your alarm goes off at 6 AM in hopes of getting you to that 7 AM yoga class. You snooze, over and over again. Finally, realizing you'll be late for your first meeting at work, you drag yourself out of bed at 7:45, and rush to the door skipping breakfast. 

You barely make it to work on time, you're hungry, and you didn't have time to catch up on your emails before getting into your day.

We've all been there. When we wake up "just in time", productivity is generally shot for the day. 

For the past month, I have been challenging myself to get up before 5 AM, on a consistent basis. I live about 50 minutes outside of Boston, and one of my favorite Yoga studios that actually offers a morning class is in Cambridge. In order for me to make that 6 AM class, I have to leave my house around 5 AM. 

It's hard to notice benefits of being an early riser when you do it on an ocassional basis. Your body fights with the "it's way too fucking early" syndrome - and you don't reap the full benefits of the morning. 

Waking up early does probably require one to go to bed early as well - but from my observations, I managed to get a lot more done - both in terms of fitness and work, on days when I've gotten up early. 

Here's why getting up before dawn is awesome - and why you should do it:

1) There's a certain kind of magic that comes with early mornings. Everything is so still, dark, and quiet. Peaceful. 

2) No traffic on the roads. 

3) Your body is energized for a workout. 

4) Your mind is well-rested and is optimally productive. 

5) Everyone else is sleeping, so, no distractions.

6) By the time it's 10 AM, you would have already worked out, had breakfast, and gotten a couple hours of very productive work time in. Makes you feel good about your day. 

If that's not convincing enough - 

7) Sunrises are awesome. 

8) Gym is less crowded. 

9) It's cool to see the world waking up. 

10) You don't feel like a lazy person. Inspirational stuff. 

So go on - set your alarm for 4:30 - try and get to bed by 10 - and see how you feel!