Weekend in Montreal: Marché Jean-Talon / Jardins de lumière

Outdoor adventures are my favorite, but it’s nice to wander around a beautiful city like Montréal once in a while, especially when special events are taking place.

Every autumn, Montréal hosts “Jardins de lumière” or “Gardens of Light”. For two months, September through the end of October, part of the Montréal botanical garden becomes illuminated with lanterns and various Chinese mythology characters.

Marché Jean-Talon

The largest seasonal market in Montreal, Jean-Talon market offers rows of tents with fresh, organic “biologique” veggies, jams, honeys, flowers, and a variety of baked and cooked goods. Everything on display is incredibly fresh and affordable.

A massive 10kg bag of beets - $6.

Jardins de lumière - Gardens of Light

Gardens of light run September through October in the Montreal Botanical Gardens. More specifically, the light show takes place in the Chinese and Japanese sections of the gardens. A ticket is necessary to get in and I would strongly advise to buy in advance as availability is limited. We were lucky enough to get a ticket at the window, but normally the tickets sell out.

The show? I won’t say much about it other than…

It’s worth it.