Under the Desert Sky

At the center of the fight for public lands, lies the most stark, and arguably the most beautiful landscape in the continental United States - Utah.

Many think of the desert as wasteland - a place of death, nothingness. That is far from the truth - sure, there may be few trees, few lakes, and seemingly little wildlife in the desert. But when we look closer, we find that the desert is teeming with life, diversity, beauty.

The need to look a little bit deeper, to gain perspective, is what makes this place so amazing.

There’s something magical about the wide open spaces, something meditative, an energy that penetrates the soul and washes our spirit clean.

Last April, Natalie and I visited all of Utah’s five National Parks - I hope you can enjoy the scenery as much as we did (but really, book a flight, go and explore).

Arches & Canyonlands

Stunning desert formations, slick rock, situated around a cozy adventure town.

Capitol Reef

Quaint and magical place, perhaps one of the quietest national parks in the country, is one of my personal favorites. There’s something here that is ought to bring peace to your soul.


Crowded, but worth every little bit. Zion is the definition of true adventure in the southwest - cliffs, canyons, and slot canyon river hiking.

Bryce Canyon

Photographer’s paradise.

Contemplating near a waterfall in Bryce Canyon