Winter Hike Series: Mount Starr King

Winter is my favorite hiking season.

No roots, no rocks, no mud - just a clean, sparkling, magical path through the winter wonderland.

Natalie and I opened our winter hiking season on Mount Cardigan a couple weeks ago, but we decided to have a more proper entry with a winter ascent up Mount Starr King and Waumbek.

We got up a little late and only started our hike around 11. This time of year, with the sun setting around 4, I had slim hopes of making it all the way up to Waumbek. Mount Starr King, however, did not disappoint.


Trail Tips



The parking lot for Starr King - Waumbek is located just off Starr King Road. In summer months, it’s probably fairly accessible, however due the grade of the road and lack of pavement, you might need a four wheel drive vehicle with a high clearance. We tried to get up to the lot on my little Nissan Sentra, and failed.

Luckily - for those without four wheel drive, there’s a small parking lot for hikers just next to the gas station on route 2 only about 1/4 mile from the trailhead.