Meetings are poisonous. End of story.

For most of us working in the IT field, meetings are a daily ordeal. From my experience in a couple companies, 50% of all meetings are at least 50% wasted time. The numbers are irrelevant, that's not the point. In particular, daily status meetings are what bugs me most. You might be getting fired up ready to debate with me "but, Anton, our standups move very fast and we don't EVER waste any time!". Sure, some teams are better than others, some days are better than others. But for the most part, meetings suck. Why am I writing about this? Because for the past month, I've been keeping track of how much time, out of 30 minutes that I am forced to stand and listen to everyone's updates, is actually relevant to me. In 16 meetings out of 20, less than 5 minutes of the meeting were actually relevant to me.

Now let's do the rough math. 25 minutes wasted for 16 days, amounts to almost 7 hours of work - that's a FULL DAY of productivity lost. And, a full day of me being bored. Nice.