The Value of Implementing A/B Tests Quickly and Why Sometimes No Design Process is the Best Design Process

UX design process is often preached as the best way to design the think that suits the customer needs best. Which such process might be highly effective in some cases, it cannot be applied as a one-size-fits-all solution. Teams tasked with solving problems quickly and creatively, should bypass formal UX process for sake of delivering into market quickly, failing fast, and learning from the experiments. 

Liberty Mutual Responsive eSales App Design Analysis

New this week, Liberty Mutual's responsive policy quoting and bind website (currently available for Renters insurance on mobile devices 9" and smaller) boasts a clean and modern design, heavy reliance on native HTML5 functionality and a streamlined interview process. 

Now that this application is public, I've decided to post a short design analysis outlining key new features behind the new application, which has been designed with the customer in mind from the first page, to the last.