#JavaScript30 Challenge

I found out about #JavaScript30 Challenge from a co-worker a few weeks ago and put in on my to-start list. I thought it was a really great way to actually motivate yourself to learn new ES2015 features in an easily-digestible way. 

One day, I woke up at 4 AM and decided that I wanted to have some Java(Script) for breakfast. Here's to 30 days of coding awesomeness. 

1. JS Drum Kit

See the Pen #JavaScript30 - JS Drum Kit by Anton Pugachevsky (@antonpug) on CodePen.

2. CSS & JS Clock

See the Pen ygdVVg by Anton Pugachevsky (@antonpug) on CodePen.

3. CSS Variables with JS

See the Pen CSS Variables and JS by Anton Pugachevsky (@antonpug) on CodePen.

4. Array Manipulation - Day 1

No visual product from this exercise, but a good refresher on how useful Array functions can be - even more useful with ES2015. One key learning about debugging arrays that I found particularly dandy - console.table() which magically prints the contents of an array in a table format. 

See the Pen Array Cardio Day 1 by Anton Pugachevsky (@antonpug) on CodePen.

5. Flex Panels Image Gallery

I haven't played around with flex box too much before, and I have been previously skeptical of its' usefulness, but this excercise proves that flexbox is king. I love that most of this can be achieved with CSS and very little JS code. 

See the Pen Flex Panels Image Gallery by Anton Pugachevsky (@antonpug) on CodePen.