Anton & Natalie Photography

After being a landscape photographer for many years, I’m taking on a new challenge - portrait photography. After inspiration from our engagement photographer, Caked Imagery, and our wedding photographer Jennifer Mowry, Natalie and I decided to venture into the wedding and couples photography business as a side gig.

Because adventure runs deep with both of us and I specialize in outdoor photography, we will be catering to clients who want to capture their special moments in intimate outdoor settings. Our goal is to become the premier adventure elopement photographer in the U.S.

See some of our work and what we offer on our website.


PhotoX (codename) is a full service photographer booking platform. Photography is an important part of people’s life, commerce, and marketing. Whether you are looking for a photographer to capture your special moments or someone to help you market a product, finding a photographer you like and can afford can be a huge challenge. PhotoX strives to bring photographers and clients together on a full service platform which allows for easy listing, search, and booking.


Better Follow Button for JetPack (BFBJ)

As a tribute to the original "Follow Button for JetPack" plugin, I've decided to pick up the tab and continue development of this extremely useful plugin that allows users to subscribe to a WordPress blog. The original plugin has rigid and lacked customization options. As of December 2018, I’ve dropped support this project. You can learn more about this project here.