In Progress

Gift Marketplace

I'm in the planning stages of a new product which will make it easier for people to give and receive meaningful gifts. Looking for partnership/co-founder interest, preferably with business knowledge of e-commerce and/or logistics. 

Seven Days

I have always struggled to use calendar apps - they are a burden to maintain and follow. I'm working on a new app which will help people keep track of their plans.

#JavaScript30 Challenge

I decided to take on the challenge to build 30 things in 30 days with VanillaJS. No frameworks, no builds, no boilerplates, no libraries. Pure ES2015 goodness and Codepen. 

SquareSpace Code Marketplace

Running a SquareSpace site for your business, blog, or portfolio and not seeing a component you need? Maybe you need a price table for your product? Or an accordion menu? My goal with SSCM is to offer customers with ready-to-use code snippets that they can add to their website and easily customize to fit their needs. 


Better Follow Button for JetPack (BFBJ)

As a tribute to the original "Follow Button for JetPack" plugin, I've decided to pick up the tab and continue development of this extremely useful plugin that brings out native WordPress ability to subscribe your readers to a mailing list. The original plugin has rigid and not customizable. BFBJ project will continue improving and adding customization options to the follow button plugin to allow blog owners to style the look and feel of the plugin to match their site. You can learn more about this project here.