Anton Pugachevsky

Career Summary

Highly motivated senior JavaScript developer with a passion for clean code, innovation, and customer centricity. Eight years of hands-on development experience, as well as mentoring and leadership experience in fast-paced insurance, ecommerce, finance, and education sectors. 

Skills and Strengths

Day-To-Day Comfort

  • Languages & Technologies: JavaScript, ES2015/ES6, Node.js, HTML, JSON

  • Frameworks: Dojo Toolkit

  • Testing Tools: Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Cucumber, Sinon.js

  • Analytics: Heap Analytics, ClickTale

  • A/B Testing: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Target

  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Bamboo

  • Source Control: Git, Bitbucket, Rational Team Concert (RTC)

  • Build Tools: Webpack, Babel

  • CMS: WordPress, SquareSpace

  • Methodologies: Scrum, Agile, Scaled Agile (SAFE)

  • User Experience: UX Usability Research, Journey Mapping, Design Thinking

Additional Knowledge

  • Languages & Technologies: CSS, Java, PHP, Perl, VBScript

  • Frameworks: React.js, Redux, jQuery, .NET

  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Bamboo

  • Build Tools: Webpack, Babel

  • CMS: WordPress, SquareSpace

  • Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

  • Networking: Cisco Networking (Previously CCNA Certified)

Work History

Liberty Mutual Insurance, Boston, MA, Senior Software Developer, 06/2012-Present

  • Lead a new five person development team through a payment page redesign project to create a best-in-class payment solution in a highly collaborative environment. Redesign improved checkout rate by 20% and lowered call center costs.

  • Mentored eight new team members on JavaScript coding practices and the Dojo framework.

  • Created sophisticated Heap Analytics dashboards to track performance of tests delivered to market.

  • Fostered culture of whole-team collaboration and pair-programming to improve speed to market and code quality.

  • Actively participated in company hackathons - created a Feedback Collector module to gather feedback from customers, as well as a Slack chatbot to provide test data on demand.

  • Lead a test automation improvement committee to address developer pain points as well as business awareness of test coverage. 

  • Consistently challenged the status quo to find better solutions to challenges the organization faced. 

  • Evaluated new technologies such as React.js vs Vue.js.

  • Conducted hiring interviews to obtain talent for the Boston tech hub. 

  • Hosted several workshops during the customer-centric agile transformation and identified several key customer and developer pain points. 

  • Lead two cross-functional full-stack teams tasked with improving online conversion via team-grown enhancements to the flagship sales application. 

  • Created experimental concepts working closely with the team and business partners, most concepts A/B tested successfully and increased conversion by up to 50%.

  • Spearheaded a platform improvement and tech debt elimination effort that reduced the number of tech debt tickets by 75%.

  • Key member on a team responsible for migrating flagship application to a responsive web design. 

  • Tackled high-value improvements to the sales application as a front end lead on an experimental continuous improvement agile team working under tight deadlines. 

Fidelity Investments, Merrimack, NH, Technical Intern, 06/2010-08/2011

  • Gathered requirements from the business stakeholders and worked independently to create a VB.NET artifact tracking application. 

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, Software Engineering Intern, 10/2011-04/2012


B.S. Information Technology, 2012, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

Additional Details

Prior experience in database administration, networking, enterprise systems and full stack development.  

Bi-lingual, fluent in Russian.